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3D TIMON CompositePRESS is an analysis software for Stamping, SMC and BMC molding.
It allows you to simulate how sheet or bulk shaped matrix to be compressed and filled by clamping force in a mold.
Filling animation of multiple matrix placement


Setup and Results of 3D TIMON-CompositePRESS

Various examination in Stamping, SMC and BMC molding is available by 3D TIMON-CompositePRESS.

■ Mold condition study
· Substrate, a plurality of positions
· Initial thickness of matrix
· Overlap of matrix
· Free matrix size
· Compression conditions, etc.
(Velosity control, velosity/pressure control, pressure control, multi-step setting)
■ Analysis result evaluation
· Filling pattern
· Weld
· Required clamping force
· Temperature history
· Density of fiber (Vf distribution)
· Warpage of the product, etc.
· Filling animation of reinforced material
· Analysis result for long fiber reinforced material
· Setup of matrix

Expression characteristics of 3D TIMON-CompositePRESS

Behavior animation of reinforced material

Analysis result of long fiber

Stampable sheet method


Advantages of 3D TIMON-CompositePRESS


3D TIMON-CompositePRESS provides required function for Stamping, SMC and BMC molding in an all-in-one package.
  • SMC molding, BMC molding (Thermoset resin, rubber)
  • Stamping molding (Thermoplastic resin)
  • From press (filling) analysis to warp analysis
The area of analysis changes due to the progress of mold compression.
Stable calculation is available by applying Euler mesh, even it is complex shaped or excess compress setting.

Practicable fiber orientation prediction
Predicts realistic behavior of each fibers by newly developed technology called DFS (Direct Fiber Simulation).
  • Predicts bending and breaking of fibers.
  • Predicts density distribution of fibers.

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