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3D TIMON-FLOW - Flow Analysis Module

3D TIMON-FLOW predicts flow pattern, weld lines and temperature distribution and provides feedback such as gate layout and runner layout to the mold design to reduce iterations and modifications made to the mold design before prototyping and production, thus saving cost and resources.
3D TIMON-FLOW can also provide highly accurate flow analysis with the use of mold temperature distribution, which is provided by 3D TIMON-MCOOL.

3D TIMON-FLOW Analysis Results

  • Flow pattern, animation
  • Temperature (center temperature, thickness average temperature) (°C)
  • Pressure (MPa)
  • Weld line
  • Air traps
  • Stand still time (sec)
  • Velocity (mm/sec)
  • Temperature at flow front (°C)
  • Flow layer thickness (mm)
  • Viscosity (Pa-sec)
  • Shear rate (/sec)
  • Shear stress (Pa)
  • Max shear rate (/sec)
  • Max shear stress (Pa)
  • Clamping force (t)
  Flow pattern, animation                                                 Weld line
Flow pattern Weld line
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