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3D TIMON-ReactiveMOLD - Thermoset resin Analysis Module

3D TIMON-ReactiveMOLD is a tool which aims to predict and pre-molding defects by simulate physical phenomena in the mold during the molding process of thermoset resin. The following are the typical symptoms of possible simulations.
  • Flow patterns caused by the mold resin flow
  • Trapped gas pressure which is caused by resin flow
  • Shrinkage and Warpage deformations
  • Resin flow oriented deformation of the insert parts which includes circuit wire in IC package
  • Temperature coupled analysis of Multilayer structured IC packages

3D TIMON-ReactiveMOLD Analysis Results

  • Reaction rate
  • Deformation of shrinkage
  • Air pressure
  • Displacement
  • Wire sweep index
  • Stress
3D TIMON-ReactiveMOLD Results
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