For Injection Molding “Compact Nozzle Provides Outstanding Mixing Quality”


TORAY MIXING NOZZLE was developed through modifying and improving present types of static pipes.

The installation of our device into conventional types of injection molding equipment ensures not only economical injection, but also major improvements in quality such as mechanical strength, dimensional stability and uniform appearance of the resin products. These effects are obtained through uniform distribution of temperature and proper degree of polymerization of the polymer due to the excellent functions of TORAY pipes.

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Our Mixing Nozzle issue so many times mixing action.
In 7 elements case, its mixing times become 32,000 times.

For injection molding with Master-batch pellets or colors, uneven coloration is completely avoided along with the quantity of coloring material being reduced as a complete and uniform dispersion.

This animation is different from actual size and dimension.It is deformed to make it easier to imagine.

Taking time for exchanging colors and materials as quickly as open nozzle

Inner strcture has no stay area by molten resin. All molten resin is ejected by new resin.

By the reason of its simply inner structure, it makes very smooth and quickly finish.

Easy to mount for your injection molding machine.

If you fill our spec sheet,
we issue the drawing quickly. It is very important.

We have many sales results and manufacturing with so many drawings in our factory.



Is it difficult to exchange colors?

No, it same as your exist open nozzle.

How is pressure loss ?

About 10% up. But case by case.

Do you have any over sea agent ?

We introduce our agent to you, or if it is none, we can directly after mutual study.

Contributes to solve problems of plastics molding. Please feel free to contact us.

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